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Mimi Slavin has worked with top industry influencers and has been rewarded with industry awards for her work. Known as a keen brand strategist, she is recognized by her employers, colleagues, and direct reports for driving performance across creative, strategy, digital, production, research, publicity, partnership and advertising functions in several industries including theatrical marketing and distribution, home entertainment, streaming, television, consumer packaged goods and technology. Mimi’s greatest point of pride is her ability to look holistically at situations and work collaboratively to create optimal solutions, all while maintaining a sense of humor. •Currently Head of Marketing and Business Development for greenfence consumer, Mimi is helping to bring the value of the Blockchain to top entertainment IP Holders, opening new marketing and revenue opportunities, and creating direct to consumer relationships that respect the consumer’s newly recognized need to control their data while continuing to benefit from the companies with whom they wish to interact •As Head of Global Marketing Partnerships at DreamWorks Animation, Mimi worked closely with the CEO, production, other department heads, and distribution partner 20th Century Fox, to launch, among others, their most successful project to-date-“Trolls.” •Fifteen years of developing corporate partnerships has given Mimi the skills needed to easily forge new relationships and grow existing ones by asking the right questions and understanding a partner’s “pain points,” allowing her to pitch to the needed solutions. •Mimi’s success can be measured in the hundreds of millions in value she delivered to her projects and by the number of partners that continually returned to work with Mimi, even as she moved to different organizations. •Combining respect for the expertise of others, with an inclusive approach, Mimi has built multiple high-trust, high-functioning teams, that have outperformed industry norms. •Going back as far as her early career with Nestlé, Mimi’s unique ability to bring together people across multiple disciplines for the greatest possible outcomes has afforded her the opportunity to play a “unifying” role in every major company for which she has worked—serving as the official “cross-company liaison” at both Warner Bros. and CBS Films, and exposing her to the most senior executives across the companies, working closely with them on the most high-profile company initiatives. •Mimi understands the importance and nuances of organizational structure and development. She created the promotions department when she joined Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, transitioned 13 businesses during her 5 years at Nestlé, and restructured the teams at Warner Bros. Theatrical and DreamWorks Animation to create greater efficiency. •Mimi believes strongly in identifiable career tracks for all employees, and values growth from within. By creating and/or fostering a “best in class” organization, the job of evangelist comes easily, and Mimi already has an extensive audience.

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