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Over the course of the last 24 years I have had the pleasure and all the discomforts that accompany the marketing and promotion of live entertainment, concert and touring shows, a Purple Dinosaur, a dog named Wishbone, record breaking Feature Films and Fortune 500 brands. I have worked with and/or for every major motion picture company in the world and now have the privilege of promoting brands like Denny’s and PepsiCo. I’ve brokered $5,000,000 cash sponsorship deals for touring shows, I am to blame for 50,000,000 General Mills’ cereal boxes featuring Strawberry Shortcake DVD’s, I brought Barney to a city near you during Barney’s award winning initial live tour, and I have stood in the kitchen at Denny’s headquarters revamping the food on their kids menu the day before I left for China to manufacture 5,000,000 self-liquidating cups to be featured in our Denny’s kids menu re-launch. My successes have been based on 4 main attributes. (None of which are luck or large personal inheritance, which is supremely irritating) - I’m a rainmaker, I like to laugh, I do whatever it takes to get the job done and I never ask my people to do anything I haven’t already done. Specialties: Business Development, Client Services, Team Building, Manufacturing, Negotiation, Telling Funny Stories

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Anne Groben and Associates, Sizzle Promotions, Tic Toc

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