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ZOē Productions, Inc. is a live event production company specializing in the design, management, and execution of events and experiences throughout the world. From corporate events to awards shows, product launches to mobile tours, Los Angeles to Singapore, New York to London, ZOē is proud to excel in executing an incredibly wide range of special events and brand activations since 2002.

With heavy inspiration from the Wizard of OZ, ZOē Productions was founded on the concept that, just as Dorothy crossed from her drab black-and-white existence into a magical land of Technicolor – events have the power to transport guests into a new world. These live experiences reach all five senses and create real and lasting memories; they have the power to touch people in ways that no other medium can.

The true definition of ZOē’s capabilities are encapsulated in the concept of ‘Experiential Branding’. In this ever-evolving world filled with sound-bites, media, and an infinite cycle of stimulation — genuine human connections are paramount. The ZOē team continues to develop new ways to utilize events to cultivate those connections. We seek to capitalize on our knowledge and understanding of how powerful a live experience can be — how it can affect and motivate a consumer on a much deeper level than a commercial ever could. Events are the perfect tool for our clients to align the strength of their brand with the power of experience; imprinting their message in a meaningful way.

ZOē Productions is a horse of a different color. A creative agency which focuses 100% of our energy on live experiences, we thrive on the ability to develop creative ideas and marketing strategies with our clients, while possessing the know-how of what it will take to bring those ideas into reality, and in the end – we have the skills to execute. On any given project, the range of ZOē’s services might include: environment design, floral and decor, food and beverage management, entertainment and stage management, technical design, custom multimedia production, transportation logistics and production scheduling. Whereas every event is completely unique, and we must fine-tune our scope of services to match each one – there are a few tools, philosophies, and approaches we implement across the board to assure every experience from pre-production to execution is flawless.


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