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Andrew Gormley
Andrew Gormley University of South Carolina

Job Details:

Title: Product Marketing Manager



The product marketing team is made up of several Product Marketing Managers (PMM) that work closely with individual game teams and other projects. Working as an integral part of the team, the PMM is the ultimate representative of the players, championing user-centricity in the team, and will be responsible for the marketing of the game throughout its life-cycle, from initiation to sunset.The PMM formulates a marketing strategy for maximizing their game’s reach, conversion, and appeal to players at each stage of its life-cycle. The PMM is responsible for selecting the best marketing methods to maximize the game’s potential at each stage and optimize the entire funnel. This involves working closely with all parts of the organization: games management, UA, community, marketing creative, finance and legal.



Your responsibilities as a Product Marketing Manager:

  • Product Development
  • Product Activation & KPIs and reporting
  • Product Performance Optimization


1 Product Development

  • Identifying and sizing market opportunities
  • Profiling target audiences
  • Identifying growth levers, assessing and optimizing marketability 
  • Development and ownership of a brand positioning and packaging for the game


2 Product Activation & KPIs and reporting

  • Definition of Marketing Strategy, and elaboration and execution of the Go-to-Market plan for all stages of game life
  • Target setting


3 Product Performance Optimization

  • Top UA creative, Influencer, PR, TVC, Radio, Innovative Channels
  • Mid ASO (Naming), Community, Social Media Marketing, Partner marketing, Campaigns, Seasonality, Partnerships
  • Low FTUE, Events, Offers, Features
  • Marketing asset pack delivery and coordination


Who we think will do great in this role has: 

Experience working within a game team and good understanding of game development 
Experience working with cross-functional team 
Understanding of the mobile marketing funnel: UA, ASO, FTUE 
Launch of a minimum of 2 F2P games 
Well-organized working style and ability to quickly learn new things in a fast-paced working environment 
Fluency in English, both written and spoken 
Passion for mobile games and game related marketing communications. 
Strategic thinking 
Analytical skills 

Website and Social Media


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Apr 12, 2021

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Apr 12, 2021

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