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Job Details:

Title: Project Coordinator, Creative Services



The Project Coordinator, Motion Services serves as the primary project administrative contact and is a key filter in the flow of information, from beginning to end. The position reports to the Senior Production Director in charge of the motion team.

Duties of the Project Coordinator:

  • Assists the Senior Production Director in project workflow: general job-related tasks, job tracking and scheduling/booking

  • Maintains the master timeline for a project and keeps all parties informed of their progress against the deadlines

  • Provides the project team with all communication regarding the project, ensuring the project stays on-time and to spec

  • Maintains and provides project-level data to the VP, Operations for reporting purposes

  • Prepares resource documents to ensure the efficient engagement of additional designers, etc.

  • Maintains files, types, faxes, copies and performs other clerical services

  • Provides general office support as requested by senior staff

  • Communicates effectively and tactfully with people on all levels in person, on the phone, and by video call

  • Maintains the utmost confidentiality

  • Prepares documents and presentation materials, creates and proofreads correspondence/memos, and edits agendas and meeting documentation

  • Pays close attention to detail and understands written and oral instructions


Professional experience and skills

To perform this job successfully, the candidate must be able to perform the duties with consistent professionalism and excellence. The environment is fast-paced and deadline-oriented, and the ability to prioritize with an acute attention to detail is essential.

Extensive history with Google Apps, Slack, and Asana (or other similar project management platforms) is a must-have, as the rapid pace and multiple pathways of communication can be daunting.

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Date Posted: Jul 21, 2022

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