2020 Fun Listicles? Yes, there was actually fun to be had in 2020

2020 Fun Listicles? Yes, there was actually fun to be had in 2020

Date: December 16, 2020
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If you’ve been following our Listicle of Listicles, you’ve been served recaps in TV, Film, Streaming, Music, Tech, and Gaming. But, let’s not forget ALL THE FUN WE HAD this year! Am I trying too hard to save a dumpster-fire of a year? Maybe (probably).

But it’s okay! Despite everything 2020 served, we fought back with memes, tweets, shoes that were cake, and more. Enjoy perusing these 2020 fun listicles…

The 39 Most Defining Memes of 2020 from Buzzfeed News

I’ll just say it… this is the most fun listicle I’ve come across while writing this series. I discovered some memes I missed, re-discovered ones that acted like a flashback of the year, and most-time-wastingly important, I fell into meme rabbit holes that added a few chuckles to my day.

Dolly Parton was a bright light in many dark spaces this year, so having 2020 start with the “woman who could do it all” was quite fitting. The challenge comes in at #30 on the list.

Re-live the year in memes at Buzzfeed News (and go through past years with the links at the top of their article).

The Best Holiday Commercials of 2020 by Entertainment Weekly

At this point, a good ad is just plain-good content. Holidays ads are inching towards those of The Big Game in terms of creativity, comedy, and take-away.

In a year of increased turmoil, the USPS had more than its’ fair share. Maybe that’s why this spot tugged at our heart-strings so much, coming in at #6 on the list.


Check out the top 18 commercials from 2020 on Entertainment Weekly.

The Strangest Celebrity Endorsements from MoneyWise

Okay, okay, this isn’t technically a 2020 listicle, but it’s worth your time. And frankly, any list with Brad Pitt and Helen Mirren is probably deserving of a scroll.

Where were you when Penélope Cruz donned a Mario outfit?

Penelope Cruz Nintendo DS

See the full list of surprising celeb ad spots over at MoneyWise.

Keep on Clicking

Well wasn’t that fun? Let us know what your favorite fun listicles of 2020 were, especially if there’s one we need to include on this list!

NOT DONE SCROLLING?? Don’t worry, there’s more to explore:


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