CES Roundup of Our Favorite Gadgets, Tech & Devices

CES Roundup of Our Favorite Gadgets, Tech & Devices

Date: January 19, 2021
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The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, went virtual for 2021, but brands across the world continued to use the event to showcase their upcoming products and concepts.

Normally held in Las Vegas over the first week of January, the virtual show strayed from the norm but true to its roots. The team here at The Last Call has poured over the most ingenious, useful, and straight-up fun devices and concepts, and this CES Roundup has all of our favorites from CES 2021.

Mitch’s Picks

ColdSnap, coming from Signa Phase in 2022.

It may not be available until 2022, but I need one now! This cool gadget weighs in at 50 pounds and produces ice cream in less than 2 minutes! Similar to a Keurig but on the freezing end of the spectrum—in addition to ice cream, it makes frozen margaritas, smoothies and more!

Read more at CNET.

LG Rollable, coming first half of 2021.

A normal-sized phone that slides into a tablet! It doesn’t flip open or fold, it expands by sliding into a tablet, as you can see at 2:07 and 28:27 in the video above.

See more at BGR.

Mitch Litvak, President

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Faisal’s Picks

Pet Portal, available for pre-order from MyQ.


Filing this under “why the hell not,” the Pet Portal delivers pup-owners with a new way to spend 3 grand. This automatic doggie-door blends in and provides options to control the door with app or through your pups’ collar.

Read more at CNET.

Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen, coming to sedans in 2022.

Mercedes-EQ. MBUX Hyperscreen

It’s a system that evaluates map data and vehicle surroundings to offer tidbits of information about specific landmarks, buildings, restaurants, museums, and other points of interest along the route. Simply ask, and the system will do the rest for you.

See more at SlashGear.

Faisal Hussain, Director

Earl’s Picks

Miiskin App, available now from Miiskin.


To people like me who are occasionally prone to paranoid medical throughts, the Misskin app is perfect. The dermatologically-endorsed app allows users to take photos of any suspicious moles or markings on their skin and document your skin health through regular checks. Plus, it only costs $25 a year!

Read more at Wired.

Mudra Band, available now for pre-order from Wearable Devices Ltd.


A must-have for any Apple Watch user, this super cool band attaches to the watch to make it sensitive to even your most subtle gestures.

The band senses finger movements and gestures using sensors and is able to communicate those movements to the watch. Essentially this is a great accessory and, by not trying to accomplish anything drastic, makes wearing the Apple Watch a much more user-friendly experience.

See more at Engadget.

Earl Schultz, Coordinator

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Thomas’ Picks

Project Hazel, “The World’s Smartest Mask” concept from Razer.

It was only a matter of time before someone turned masks into another piece of tech gear. This smart mask from Razer features active ventilation, clear shield to see people face, and a UV sanitizing case. And of course, no piece of tech is complete without RBG lighting!

Read more at Business Insider.

Stillness Bath, coming from Kohler in July, 2021.

Move from your home office into your home spa! The Stillness Bath takes all the work out of setting up an at-home spa night by automatically filling the tub to your desired depth and temperature. Of course, there’s also smart lighting and assistant features, and the bath obviously releases atmospheric fog and essential oils… sure beats hanging eucalyptus on your shower head.

See more at CNET.

Thomas Kee, Assistant

Andrew’s Picks

Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, coming soon from Samsung.


The BESPOKE 4-Door Flex refrigerator is not just a home appliance—it is as aesthetically customizable as a piece of furniture and as functional as the food products it stores. From its variable panels to its flexible features, the BESPOKE 4-Door Flex add design and convenience, and dare we say some attitude to your kitchen.

Read more at Reviewed.

Eco Remote Control, coming from Samsung.

Samsung Eco Remote

Samsung estimates you’ll be able to use the Eco Remote Control for two years before its battery gives out and needs a full recharge. Overall, the internal rechargeable battery is designed to last for around seven years, or the average life cycle of a single TV.

That’ll certainly save you from buying fistfuls of AAA batteries over the years, and the reduction in plastic waste is notable, too. There’s a USB-C port on the bottom if you need a faster charge.

See more at The Verge.

Andrew Gormley, Student Intern

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Posted by: Faisal Hussain

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