Gaming Partnerships Showcase: Nintendo & Starlight Children’s Hospital

Gaming Partnerships Showcase: Nintendo & Starlight Children’s Hospital

Date: March 16, 2021
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Today’s Partnerships Showcase features a gaming partnership that levels up your heart with the power that video games can bring to children in the non-profit world.

Nintendo of America partnered with nonprofit the Starlight Children’s Foundation to bring Nintendo gaming stations to children being treated in hospitals.

Program Specifics:

Nintendo of America collaborated with Starlight Children’s Foundation in a continuation of their years-long gaming partnership to roll out gaming stations to hospitalized children. These Nintendo Switch gaming stations gave children access to Nintendo games and allowed them to distract themselves from the negative sides of treatment.

Starlight shows off the new Starlight Nintendo Switch on their Twitter account

As a result of this gaming partnership, hospitalized kids had access to 25 Nintendo games with which to distract themselves including “Super Mario Party” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

The Basics:

Gaming, Non-Profit Organization

Branded Content, Giveaway

Mobile, Online, Giveaway

Family, Male, Female, Preschool, Kids 6-11, Tweens

Program Timing: January, 2021

Connect with the Nintendo team:

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