Lego’s Head of Marketing: Expect Unexpected Brand Partnerships

Lego’s Head of Marketing: Expect Unexpected Brand Partnerships

Date: January 4, 2022
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Over the last decade, Cristina Liquori has built a career based on culture, trust and support… one tiny plastic brick at a time.

Cristina began her Lego career in 2011 as a marketing assistant and would move on to roles in brand management and customer development before working in digital and brand marketing in the U.K. and Ireland. In January 2021, Cristina became head of U.S. marketing at The LEGO Group, where she recently worked on projects such as the “Rebuild the World” campaign and helping the company become a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Learn more about Cristina’s career path, her time being a part of the Adweek Executive Mentorship Program, and the innovation in marketing she is most exited about.

Adweek: How did you get to where you are today? Any noteworthy “Aha!” moments along the way?

CL: Two things come to mind: hard work and other people’s support. I have had a string of leaders, mentors, peers, etc. who have supported me, championed my work, spoken on my behalf or mentioned my name in rooms where there are opportunities, and for that I’m extremely grateful. They have built my confidence and simultaneously humbled me. To earn that sponsorship, I always put in the hard work to ensure I’m prepared for those opportunities and deserving of that support.

My biggest “Aha!” moment has been that we do nothing alone—so much of our success is the network and community we build, and I am grateful for the community I have found at The LEGO Group.

What new or up-and-coming innovation(s) are you most excited about, and how do you think it will change the future of marketing?

I’m really excited about the innovation that is happening in the unexpected brand partnership space, including both in marketing activation and product integration. In the near future, shoppers, families and kids will want solutions from brands that are more integrated, convenient and exciting than ever. This will require brand partnerships that might never have been considered in the past.

The Lego Group has dabbled in this space as a global organization in our partnerships with the likes of Adidas or Levi’s. But I would say the future of marketing will be about pushing those boundaries even further. And the brilliant part is that the consumer benefits from the innovation—we’ve seen this with Apple+Nike, Starbucks and Spotify, or the brilliant offerings from Airbnb with many different partners. I’m so excited to see which brands that I love will partner next.

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Posted by: Angelina Luspo

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