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CONNECT with top decision-makers from the music industry who help make exciting partnerships happen! We reach thousands of marketers representing every area of entertainment that can help create a unique marketing experience for your brand.

Partnership Opportunities

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MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS is loaded with partnership marketing opportunities from major music companies, labels, publishers, artists and music management. Additionally, our Opportunities Gallery delivers tie-in opportunities from movie studios, gaming companies, TV and streaming. If it's a marketing opportunity, it’s on Marketing Partnerships!

Partnership Database

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STAY ON TOP of new music marketing and partnership activations. Plus, our Partnership Gallery includes 25+ years of successful entertainment programs and tactics from every type of entertainment content to help inspire you!

Promotional Videos

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VIEW music and company promos, partnership TV spots and our Industry Insights at Home and RoadShow On-Demand presentations!


Explore 10,000+ partnership marketing campaigns and spark exciting new ideas, discover innovative music marketing tactics and stay ahead of the competition.

It Works!

Edible Arrangements + Fandango


"MarketingPartnerships.com is an ideal tool for co-branding opportunities and co-marketing community. During my first visit to the site, I was able to identify a co-marketing prospect and connect with the right people to discuss an upcoming opportunity. Within a few weeks we executed a successful Father’s Day program with Fandango. "


"Through Marketing Partnerships.com, Edible Arrangements was introduced to our brand and loyalty rewards team. We created a successful co-marketing campaign for Father’s Day and are currently working towards an expanded relationship for 2017. Fandango creates partnerships with a number of brands looking to incentivize their consumers with entertainment-related rewards and MarketingPartnerships.com is an important tool in the process. "

What can Marketing Partnerships do for you?


  • Find music marketing opportunities and contacts that put your brand in the ears of listening consumers!
  • Be the first to hear about new music marketing opportunities and see what’s ahead on the promotional landscape
  • Stay up to date on promotional tactics being used throughout the partnership marketing community
  • Do your homework and use company pages to prep for meetings with labels, artists, publishers, managers and music companies
  • Brand marketing executives can find Promo marketing agencies with years of experience in creating top-notch marketing integrations
  • Explore thousands of past and current music partnerships and integrated marketing activities in a one-of-a-kind promotional database
  • Get your brand involved in music-based partnerships and promotions. The music partnership marketing landscape is at your fingertips


  • Drive awareness of your artists and partnership opportunites to a huge community of brand marketing executives
  • Promote unique marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • See what types of promotional tie-ins brands have done in the past and what they're doing now
  • Find comparable opportunities to your own and develop a brand partnership strategy for your properties
  • Use RoadShow On-Demand presentations and your company home page to introduce your team and upcoming marketing opportunities
  • Use Marketing Services to find agencies & tools to complement/execute your programs.
  • Create exciting promotional tie-ins for your company!


  • Get direct access to potential clients looking for the partnership marketing services you provide!
  • Promote your services to a select membership of gate-keepers and decision-makers on the brand marketing and music partnerships sides of the business.
  • Identify opportunities for your clients & see what their competitors are doing
  • Use the Marketing Services section to find specialized agencies that can complement/execute music promotions for your clients.
  • Identify new trends, tactics, and resources to best represent your clients and your agency

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