24 and Degree


Fox Broadcasting teamed with Unilever for a promotion meant to benefit both sales of the latter’s Degree for Men deodorant brand and 24. The campaign produced high-quality original Web content and interactive online elements that let visitors step into the shoes of Jason Blaine, a rookie agent and office gofer at the Counter-Terrorism Unit offices where the show’s Jack Bauer does his super-agenting. Online audiences watched Blaine pursue menial errands that escalated into high-stakes risks and escapes with his cool intact and the coffee still hot. The Webisodes ran on a microsite created for the campaign,, where visitors could also explore the CTU offices and the desk of rookie Blaine, and were teased with both in-store displays and print, online, mobile and TV teasers that drove visitors to the Web site. The site had 1.4 million Webisode views, which held viewers for an average of more than 5 minutes on the site. Webisodes were also posted to YouTube and shared virally. The result was a year-over-year increase in audience for “24” during the May sweeps. And Degree for Men sales rose 29% due solely to the program tie-in.

Partnership Opportunity:
20th Century Fox Consumer Products
Degree /Health & Beauty
May 2nd Quarter 2008
Promotional Elements:
Media Elements:
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Companies Involved
20th Century Fox Consumer Products

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