30 MINUTES OR LESS and FourSquare

Columbia Pictures teamed up with Foursquare for the theatrical release of 30 MINUTES OR LESS. Users followed 30 Minutes or Less, and then checked in on Foursquare to movie-themed places, including pizza parlors and banks, as well as food trucks, screenings, Comic-Con, and movie theaters on opening weekend. With all these check-ins, users will unlock the 30 Minutes or Less badge and receive incentives from affiliated movie theaters. In addition, Foursquare users in the US who have unlocked the 30 Minutes or Less badge were entered to win the 30 Minutes or Less Foursquare Sweepstakes with a grand prize of $3000. The promotion lasted through Q3 - 2011.
Partnership Opportunity:
30 MINUTES OR LESS/Theatrical
Sony Pictures Entertainment
FourSquare /Online
August 3rd Quarter 2011
Promotional Elements:
Media Elements:
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Companies Involved
Sony Pictures Entertainment

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