79th ACADEMY AWARDS and Netflix


Netflix and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences teamed up to promote the 79th Academy Awards, and invited fans to create themed videos for a chance to win a Netflix membership. Netflix launched a viral video promotion in which consumers posted videos of themselves quoting memorable movies lines from Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, A Few Good Men and Jerry Maguire. The first 500 people who posted videos on received a one-month membership to Netflix. Also on the site, Netflix posted video clips of celebrities, including Gilbert Gottfried and Jimmy Kimmel, quoting famous movie lines. Netflix hit the streets of New York and other top markets to let fans record and film their quotes on the spot. The video creations are also posted on Netflix retooled its Web site to promote its library of Academy Award-winning films. Visitors scroll over a movie name and a window popped up with the film’s title, synopsis and cast information. The site drove tune-in to the awards show. A radio promotion from Feb. 19-23, 2007 asked listeners to identify movie quotes and encouraged them to add them to their Netflix movie queue. Winners received Netflix memberships as prizes.

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79th ACADEMY AWARDS/Television
Netflix /Television
February 1st Quarter 2007
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