THE BOYS and Liquid Death

Liquid Death has issued an “apology” on LinkedIn due to the behavior of its fictional spokesperson The Deep from Amazon Prime’s The Boys. In a new tongue-in-cheek campaign for Liquid Death’s flavored sparkling water with agave, The Deep seeks to teach kids about the health risks posed by sugary drinks as the brand’s health and wellness ambassador. To get his message across, he forces children to drink cups of sugar and breathe in his second-hand cigarette smoke in a classroom. The Deep is a spoof of DC’s Aquaman. In The Boys, The Deep, played by actor Chace Crawford, speaks with sea-based creatures and can breathe underwater, which would make him the perfect spokesperson for Liquid Death if it wasn’t for his dim-wittedness that often turns him into the laughingstock of The Boys. Liquid Death’s VP of creative Andy Pearson issued a “public apology” on LinkedIn Tuesday explaining that the brand’s recent spot is its “second failed attempt” to work with The Deep. Pearson noted that Liquid Death “fired” him from his role as its chief sustainability associate in 2021 after he was featured in a PSA burning a large pile of plastic on a beach next to children while extolling the sustainability of the brand’s aluminum cans.
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THE BOYS/Streaming
Amazon Studios
Liquid Death /Beverages
June 2nd Quarter 2024
Adults 45-54
Adults 35-44
Adults 25-34
Adults 18-24
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Micro site
Social Media
TV Spot
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Amazon Studios
Stephanie C
Stephanie C VP, Partnerships Allied Global Marketing

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