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The CW and Unilever teamed up to promote GOSSIP GIRL with a series of branded vignettes. These clips, called "cwingers", are ads that push viewers to move from TV to online and then back again. Unilever's Dove brand sponsored video vignettes about four real 20-something women who once lived lives similar to the characters in the popular drama about wealthy Manhattan private-school kids whose adventures often border on the decadent. The first part of a vignette aired during GOSSIP GIRL and then viewers were directed to watch the rest of it online. Dove partnered with GOSSIP GIRL in conjunction with the launch of Go Fresh Burst Body Wash, aimed at women in their 20s. The vignettes were hosted by GOSSIP GIRL star Jessica Szhor who plays Vanessa on the show. The promotion began on April 27, 2009 and lasted for the last four weeks of the GOSSIP GIRL season. The campaign was supported by Dove advertising on the GOSSIP GIRL portion of the CW website.

Partnership Opportunity:
The CW
Unilever /CPG
2nd Quarter 2009
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The CW

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