Hatching Hope and Cargill


Help us improve the lives of 100 million people by 2030.

Improving livelihoods begins with farmers. Because when farmers have what they need to thrive, their families and communities do, too.

Hatching Hope is a groundbreaking initiative that will allow farmers to increase their knowledge and resources needed to expand sustainable poultry production and sell their products at market for a living income. Farmers will also be able to share nutritional information with entire communities, supporting a healthy population and fostering widespread economic resilience.

Let’s start ending hunger now — and build lasting change together.

The Hatching Hope Global Initiative improves livelihoods of people worldwide – lifting up women, families, communities and economies. And it’s all made possible through the power of poultry farming.

Hatching Hope combines support from Cargill, Heifer International – and partners and supporters like you – to improve the nutrition and economic livelihoods of millions through the production, consumption and promotion of chicken and eggs.

How we do this

We begin by empowering poultry farmers.

Together, Cargill’s business and nutritional expertise and Heifer’s values-based holistic community development create a lasting answer to hunger. We don't just feed a family for a day. We teach farmers how to sustain their livelihoods and nourish their communities.

Hatching Hope provides the resources and training to help farmers grow and gain market access for their products. And that means families and communities will earn more income and have the healthy, affordable protein they need.

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