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For the upcoming release of INSIDE OUT, Walt Disney Studios partnered with Mattress Firm's for the "Sleep Emotions Contest."  As the film featured 5 main character's representing the main character's so did the promotions as there were 5 promotional periods that began with the Disgust emotion and ended with Joy.  

Participants entered into the contest by taking a picture of themself expressing one of the 5 emotions they felt depicted how they feel about their sleep. 

During each period participants had the chance to enter the contest by submitting their picture and filling out their information on a variety of forms of media including the mattressfirm website, facebook page, twitter, and instagram.   

The one grand prize winner received a check for $5,000, the 5 first prize winners received "Beautyrest Recharge Queen Set" which came with a queen size mattress and queen size box spring, the 5 second prize winners received two standard memory foam luxury gel pillows, and the 25 entry period prize winners each received 4 movie certificates. 

The sweepstakes entry periods began on May 13th, 2015 and ended on July 14th, 2015.

Partnership Opportunity:
INSIDE OUT/Theatrical
The Walt Disney Studios
Mattress Firm /Household
May 2nd Quarter 2015
Adults 18-24
Adults 25-34
Adults 35-44
Adults 45-54
Promotional Elements:
Media Elements:
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