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Zoom Media & Marketing and Turner Broadcasting System teamed up in promotion of the television series MY BOYS. The promotion took over local bars in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angles to promote season two of “My Boys” on TBS while re-creating a favorite watering hole featured in the comedy. The weeklong takeovers included branded barware items (napkins, glasses, table tents), signage, activities and a special happy hour. Brand reps were on-site each evening from 5 to 11 p.m. to chat with bar patrons, hand out drink tokens, play games, and inform visitors about the new season of “My Boys.” T-shirts and custom-branded makeup bags were also given out. The events were promoted near the bars by 1,000 fliers distributed to passersby and 50 posters hung around the area. Promos on local radio also got people interested. Close to 6,000 people attended the events.
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MY BOYS/Television
Zoom Media & Marketing /Home Entertainment
Summer 2nd Quarter 2008
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