NINTENDO LABO and Institution of Play

Nintendo and the Institute of Play teamed up to bring Nintendo Labo kits into elementary classrooms nationwide, which combines the innovated play of Nintendo Labo with the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) to inspire kids and help make learning fun. Nintendo provided Nintendo Labo: Variety Kits and Nintendo Switch systems to participating classrooms to reinforce skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking. The program aimed to reach approximately 2,000 students from ages 8 to 11 during the 2018-2019 school year.

The Institute of Play conducted a pilot program with schools in the greater New York area. Nintendo and the Institute of Play will use pilot classes to develop a Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide that allowed other educators to implement Nintendo Labo in the classroom to promote the development of skills such as creative problem solving and collaboration. The Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide included a sample lesson plans and learning modules dedicated to basic elements of STEAM and the Make, Play and Discover components of Nintendo Labo. The guide was available for free in fall to anyone who wanted to incorporate Nintendo Labo into their classrooms or homes.

Once the pilot was completed, the program expanded to approximately 100 schools across the United States. Schools that wanted to take part in the program could apply at Each participating school was provided with Nintendo Switch systems and Nintendo Labo: Variety Kits, as well as the Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide. The in-classroom program ran through March 2019.

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NINTENDO LABO/Gaming & Esports
Nintendo of America
Institution of Play /Non-Profit Organizations
October 4th Quarter 2018
Kids (6-11)
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