Sesame Street YouTube Sponsorship and Hain Celestial (Earth's Best)


Earth's Best is a longtime partner of Sesame Street and came on board in 2017 as a Happy Healthy Monsters YouTube sponsor! 

This multi-year sponsorship included sponsorship of 12 videos on Sesame Street's YouTube channel: Elmo's Food Rap Battle, Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck, iSpy, and What's That Snack?

Year 1: Elmo's Food Rap Battle (2017)
Elmo is hungry and has to choose a food to eat! DJ Lobster is in the kitchen to help Elmo pick what to eat with a Food Rap Battle! 

Year 2: Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck (2018)
Cookie Monster and Chef Gonger are joined by celebrities Jenny Slate, Zooey Deschanel, and Ellie Kemper to make some creative healthy snacks!

Year 3: iSpy with Elmo & Abby (2019)
Join Elmo and Abby for a game of iSpy! This game will make you hungry after helping to find healthy food that is the color they are looking for!

Year 4: What's That Snack (2020)
A fun new snack time game show! Listen to Elmo's clues and help Cookie Monster guess what yummy healthy snack Cookie Monster will have today.

Partnership Opportunity:
Sesame Street YouTube Sponsorship/Educational
Sesame Workshop
Hain Celestial (Earth's Best) /CPG
Kids (6-11)
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Social Media

Website and Social Media

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