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NBC Universal Television and Los Angeles Times teamed up to promote the premiere of the television series SOUTHLAND. An advertisement for the series formatted as a newspaper article appeared in the April 9, 2009 edition of the Los Angeles Times. Below the fold on the front page, a story was featured on the fictional cop, Ben Sherman, and his first day on the job. Sherman's character is a main focus of NBC's SOUTHLAND show. NBC says it took care not to deceive readers; the story was in a different style than the paper's normal content. It appeared in a smaller typeface and was also marked as an advertisement. But NBC used only the paper's traditional analog space for its SOUTHALND promotion. The fake news story/advertisement didn't extend to the LA Times Web site. NBC credits the paper in coming to them with the promotion. The promotion highlights a struggling newspaper industry that is turning to many alternatives as it tries to stay afloat in the face of steeply declining advertising revenue.

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Los Angeles Times /
April 2nd Quarter 2009
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