WORLD OF TANKS partnered with Hasbro for unique in-game G.I. Joe commanders and customization items. The partnerships coincides with G.I. JOE's 40th anniversary.

This is the second integration of WORLD OF TANKS and G.I. JOE, and it continues the story that began in 2021 when Duke and Cobra Commander joined the game. Unique commanders and customizations are available again. 

Two characters from Hasbro's iconic G.I. JOE universe, Cover Girl and The Baroness (in Crimson Strike Force uniform) can be added to the players' rosters of WORLD OF TANKS commanders. Other unique items include new 3D styles inspired by iconic G.I. JOE vehicles (Cover Girl's WOLVERINE and Cobra C.A.T.) G.I. JOE themed web event, retro decals, emblems, and inscriptions for G.I. JOE and Cobra factions.

March 2022 -

Wargaming partnered with Hasbro for a collaboration with G.I. Joe in the World of Tanks universe, which included two 3D styles, two commanders, decals, and inscriptions inspired by the iconic G.I. JOE IP in the game. 

World of Tanks is relaunching a special collaboration, and all of you can participate.

Created by Hasbro, G.I. Joe is one of the most popular action figure lines in the world. Generations of kids in the U.S. and beyond played with them and were captivated by the struggle of the international elite spec ops team against their sworn enemies of Cobra, a multi-faceted and masterfully coordinated global criminal network. Uncounted millions of battles which have been fought with plastic action figures (often commanded by present-day online tankers) have elevated G.I. Joe to the status of a cultural phenomenon.

And now, one global cultural phenomenon is about to meet another. The famous adversaries from G.I. Joe and Cobra have brought their impressive vehicles to World of Tanks: The B.T.T. (having the same stats as the TS-5) and the B.O.A. (having the same stats as the T-54 first prototype).

Partnership Opportunity:
WORLD OF TANKS/Gaming & Esports
Hasbro /Toys
March 2022
Adults 25-34
Adults 35-44
Adults 45-54
Adults 55+
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Branded Content
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In-Game / In-App Integration
Social Media
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Yuliya A
Yuliya A Business Development and Partnerships Manager Wargaming

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