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Esports Tower

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July Annual
Adults 18-24
Adults 25-34
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This July, select Esports Tower players will be invited for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a week, all expenses paid, with other top Esports Tower teammates and coaches.

Participants will receive daily coaching, practice daily, and compete in a daily competition culminating with an end-of camp final tournament.

They will be watched and considered by college recruiters and professional team scouts who will speak to them collectively and, in many cases, individually.

Influencers such as streamers and professional players will be brought in both physically and virtually to speak with the players, share their experiences, and inspire participants in their ‘’path-to-pro’’ esports journey.



Professional Esports Team Content Partners: list still in development

  • eUnited
  • FaZe Clan
  • Kungarna
  • Misfits Gaming


Influencers: list still in development

  • Agent Gumle
  • FaZe Baby Bay
  • FaZe Trippy
  • KarQ
  • Jayne
  • Super
  • Wayton


Additional Comments

After streamed events. Over 20 unique programs will be produced after this live summer event

  • Top Player profiles and feature stories
  • Insider profiles esports industry pros and their personal journey
  • Educational insight segments on behind the scenes scholarship process
  • Parent’s education as their players are tapped for opportunities
  • Coaches insights how formalizing regimes improve performance.
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