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Not only is the Hobby family rambunctious, they’re animals! Not literally of course, but the three siblings, known as HobbyPig, HobbyFrog and HobbyBear can be wild fun on their unique family channel. In daily videos co-hosted by their parents, Hobby Mom and HobbyDad, they focus on toy reviews, video games, science experiments and other family-oriented topics. To the Hobby family, their YouTube channel, HobbyKidsTV, is an outlet for creativity and imagination. They are great at coming up with original ideas, while being mindful of the YouTube ecosystem and putting their own spin on trending topics. HobbyKids was among the first YouTube kids’ channels to feature giant surprise eggs, a viral YouTube trend and a sub-genre of the popular “unboxing” format. They began uploading in 2013 and within a year, their channel was already one of the biggest on YouTube, garnering more than 100 million views per month. They are currently working on an original animated series with Butch Hartman, the man behind Danny Phantom and The Fairly OddParents, called HobbyKids Adventures. Stay tuned!

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