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Hunger Action Month, observed annually in September, raises awareness and drives support to combat hunger in the US. With 34 million Americans, including over 9 million children, facing food insecurity, the campaign underscores the power of nutritious food in nurturing thriving communities. It highlights that feeding people not only sustains them physically but also fuels their potential for a better future.

This movement urges all to take action, emphasizing that each contribution, be it through donations, volunteering, or advocacy at FeedingAmerica.org/HungerActionMonth, plays a crucial part in the fight against hunger. It addresses the widespread impact of food insecurity, reaching every community, and calls for strengthening nutrition programs, particularly in the 2023 Farm Bill, to ensure vital access to nutritious food for vulnerable groups. By donning orange, engaging on social media, and participating in this shared cause, individuals and businesses unite in taking significant steps towards a hunger-free America.

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This year’s Hunger Action Month is part of “The Full Effect” public service announcement campaign platform, focusing on the impact of food on people’s lives beyond just nourishment. The campaign showcases individuals taking action in September to end hunger and encourages everyone to get involved. The goal is to ensure thriving communities through collective efforts in donating, volunteering, or advocating at FeedingAmerica.org/HungerActionMonth.

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