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Special Olympics delivers life-saving health intervention programming for people with intellectual disabilities (ID).

For people with ID, the world can be an uncertain, unsafe, and unwelcome place. People with ID do not have the same access to health care as others, even in the most developed countries. They face higher rates of isolation, stigma, physical abuse, poverty, and insufficient access to services – inequalities that compound to create significant health disparities.

By partnering with Special Olympics, your company can help us eliminate those health disparities and propel us closer to a world where everyone access get the health care they need. Special Olympics provides people with ID the quality health care they deserve through:

  • Ongoing prevention and fitness programming
  • Health screenings, providing early detection and care coordination
  • Health care provider training
  • Early childhood development programming
  • Family health forums


To date, Special Olympics has performed over 2M health screenings and trained over 300,000 health and wellness professionals and students.Almost 600,000 children with and without intellectual disabilities have benefitted from an early intervention program that has been shown to result in a seven month improvement in developmental gains in just two months.

Together, we can invest in innovative solutions to provide people with ID with the ecosystem of support they need, ultimately promoting more incslusive health care.

To learn more about how your organization can invest in our inclusive health initiatives, please reach out to Dan Orzechowski at [email protected].

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