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League of Legends Esports is the #1 esport in the world!

The League Championship Series (LCS) was founded in 2013 and is the top level of professional play for League of Legends in US and Canada. Currently there are ten franchise teams, all in North America, with ownership from renowned organisations like the Golden State Warriors.

In-season play is broadcast weekly on Thursdays & Fridays, with approximately 5 hours of content each day. Matches are played at Riot Esports Arena in Los Angeles in front of a live audience. Matches are broadcast in English and Spanish.

The Finals for each season are often held as roadshows at major arenas across North America. The sold out events typically include 2 days of competition and a Fan Fest.

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Riot builds end-to-end connections with fans that are authentic, publisher owned, and fully integrated. We form bespoke partnerships with our brands, which include:

Broadcast Integration: Full ownership of crucial in-game moments like clutch plays, economy graphs, infographics, rift banners, logo rotations, drops & caster shoutouts.

Experiential Events: Riot will work with you to create IRL events that ring authentically to fans and provide them with unforgettable experiences.

Community Engagement: Speak directly to fans with integrated promotional campaigns that endear your brand to the passionate Riot fanbase.

IP Integration: Only Riot partners receive access to our publishing/marketing teams and associated game IP for exclusive branded product tie-ins.

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