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LUNG FORCE is a national movement led by the American Lung Association to defeat lung cancer.

Join the FORCE for Lung Health
We are facing a crisis in lung health. Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer among both men and women in the U.S. Anyone can get lung cancer and no one deserves the disease. Approximately two thirds of lung cancer diagnoses are in never smokers or former smokers.

This is due to:

  • Lack of patient awareness
  • Need for increased understanding among primary care physicians
  • Debilitating social stigma


The Solution
LUNG FORCE is a national movement led by the American Lung Association to unite the nation in the fight against lung cancer and for lung health. We stand together with our collective voices to make lung cancer history. 

LUNG FORCE has 3 priorities:

  1. Make lung cancer a cause that people care about—and act on. We are raising awareness across the country about lung cancer and our fight to defeat it. 
    1. Whoosh of Breath: Signifies LUNG FORCE’s identity. Our signature color turquoise and “whoosh” icon symbolizes air, breathing and healthy lungs—and the force it will take to improve lung health.
    2. Turquoise Takeover: Turns the country turquoise each May, lighting landmarks and changing social media profiles the color that represents lung health.
    3. Saved By The Scan: Raise awareness about the lifesaving potential of lung cancer screening.
  2. Educate and empower patients and healthcare providers. We are arming Americans with information and working with healthcare providers to improve diagnosis and care.
    1. Educational Tools: Help patients take control of their disease and enable clinicians to better support and treat them. Visit Lung.org/Lungcancer to learn more.
    2. LUNG FORCE Expos: Connect patients, caregivers and healthcare providers at local events to learn about the latest in lung health.
    3. Lung HelpLine: Provides free counseling at 1-800-LUNGUSA for lung-health concerns and questions.
  3. Raise critical funds for lung cancer research. We are rallying our force to get the funds we need to find better methods of early detection and more treatments.
    1. Since the inception of LUNG FORCE in 2014, the American Lung Association has funded over $15M in lung cancer research grants.
    2. LUNG FORCE Walks: Bring lung cancer and lung disease patients, survivors and their families and friends together to raise funds for lung health.
    3. Lung Action Network: Advocates for increased funding for cancer research on the federal level.

We invite you to join us—to unite with us in our efforts in to defeat lung cancer and lung disease. Together we can:

  • Reduce risk for lung disease by teaching people how to protect their lungs.
  • Provide support to lung cancer patients and clinicians to improve treatment and care.
  • Increase the rate of people diagnosed in the early stages of lung cancer.
  • Increase federal funding for cancer research.


To discuss partnerships, promotions, cause marketing, event sponsorship or any of the myriad of opportunities with the American Lung Association, contact Amanda O’Neill.

By banding together as one LUNG FORCE, we will reverse the course of lung disease, improve the lung health of millions and, ultimately, save lives.

Sign up to walk with family and friends to celebrate the collective power of our breath and raise funds for lung cancer research, advocacy, education and awareness. 

LUNG FORCE Expos & Online Education
Join us in person at LUNG FORCE Expos or visit LUNGFORCE.org for tools and resources and to learn about the latest in lung cancer research and care. 

LUNG FORCE Turquoise Takeover
Turn the nation turquoise, the signature color of the fight against lung cancer, during the LUNG FORCE Turquoise Takeover, held annually the second week of May. Sport your turquoise gear and rally your friends, family and coworkers to donate to lung cancer research. 

Share your lung cancer story to raise awareness that anyone can get lung cancer and encourage support for those who need it most. 

Lung Cancer Advocacy
Tell your members of Congress to support lung cancer research and pro-lung health policies.

Additional Comments

Since LUNG FORCE launched 2014, we have made incredible strides:

  • Invested $15M+ in lung cancer research, funding through 70+ research projects that have the potential to yield better early detection and treatment methods.
  • 100% increase in NIH lung cancer research funding since launching LUNG FORCE (FY13-FY18).
  • Registered 175,000 LUNG FORCE members – enough people to fill New York City’s Madison Square Garden 6 times over.
  • Enrolled 1,500 companies and organizations in the fight.
  • Jumpstarted a conversation about lung cancer in major media including SELF, Glamour, Good Morning America, People and E! News.
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