WORLD OF TANKS: Battle Mission Integration

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Missions in WORLD OF TANKS are special event which becomes available for the Players upon activating certain trigger. Notification of the missions’ availability is shown to the Player via in-game personal promo-screen – full scale mail in the game – as well as in dedicated section, apart from announcement on all WORLD OF TANKS official resources. 

Triggers to activate battle missions:

  • Joint promo-activity with Partners for one or several game regions: missions are shown and available to pass by all Players in the game;
  • Joint activity dedicated to special campaign: Partner distributes unique code via its Customers, activation of which in WoT provides access to the game;
  • Missions as part of in-game event in WoT


By passing the missions Player reveives in-game goodies that can be further used either to achieve certain desired results or to pass further missions.

Missions usually go as a set with several stages, so it is a consequence of tasks to accomplish. Completion of each task = receipt of speical bonus. 

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