IRON MAN and 7-Eleven


Paramount Pictures and 7-Eleven teamed up for the theatrical release of IRON MAN. Four multi-image, three-dimensional Slurpee cups utilized film shots Tony Stark, clad in Iron Man Super Hero suits, as well as his nemesis, Iron Monger. Rather than the usual single-image morphing into another single image, these cups featured multiple frames from the movie to enhance the action effect. The Iron Monger cup includes 24 actual frames from the "Iron Man" movie to create action-packed graphics. A collectible, refillable mug featured the red and gold helmet of Iron Man's Mark III suit of armor. The 28-ounce mug retailed for $3.29 and included a Slurpee fill up. Additionally, 7-Eleven offered three different Iron Man Slurpee spoon-straws with detachable Iron Man and Iron Monger figurines for a price of $1.49 each. Radio advertising in selected markets and store signage supported the program. Contests in selected markets awarded prize packs that included "Iron Man" movie posters, T-shirts, cups, mugs, straws and merchandise coupons. 7-Eleven also unveiled its new Slurpee Nation website which featured links to the official movie site as well as the movie trailer, wallpapers and screen-savers.

Partnership Opportunity:
IRON MAN/Theatrical
Paramount Pictures
7-Eleven /Retail
May 2nd Quarter 2008
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