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National Geographic partnered with Neuroverse, an integrative neurotechnology company, to promotoe positive mental health. The partnership was in part of the effort to raise buzz for the release of the Disney+, Emmy nominated series, "The World According to Jeff Goldblum."

In an Season 1 episode titled "Pools", Neuroverse CEO got together with Jeff Goldblum to discuss the growing concern of anxiety and other mental illnesses in today's society and the potential benefits of Floatation-REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy). 

Floatation Therapy, which is sometimes compared to meditation, revolves around floating in a warm sea salt pool with no sounds or lights at all. All exterior stimulants are shut off so the user can solely focus on themselves and their inner state. Mr. Goldblum participated in the therapy while wearing Neuroverse's BrainStation wearable technology. The BrainStation is the only brain interfacein the world that can be used to measure brain states in the Float Therapy envirnomment. Moreover, BrainStation also intergrates sleep and mental performance data into everyday life.

Results from Floatation REST Therapy vary, but are usually condusive with slowed brainwaves and reduced aniexty. 

The partnership between National Geographic, Jeff GoldBlum, and Neuroverse reminds us to stay a step back from the busy world and take some time to yourself.

Partnership Opportunity:
National Geographic/Television
Neuroverse /Tech
October 4th Quarter 2020
Promotional Elements:
Product Demonstrations / Sampling
Media Elements:
Celebrity Appearance / Endorsement
Direct Marketing
Social Media
Celebrity Appearance / Endorsement
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