Netflix's STRANGER THINGS and Graduate Hotels


Graduate Hotels partnered with Netflix’s popular show STRANGER THINGS to create an ultimate suite for fans of the show at their hotel in Bloomington, IN.

Welcome to Hawkins! Guests could make themselves at home in Joyce Byers’ living room, which had floral wallpaper, a pull-out sofa bed, and, of course, Christmas lights- which seem to have a mind of their own.

Next door is the Wheeler’s basement, and it’s just what you’d expect- wood-panel walls and all! Guest totally felt like part of the party with oversized walkie-talkies and a massive collection of retro board games. They could start a game of Dungeons & Dragons- they could even wear Will’s purple wizard cloak to get into character. To complete the ‘80s-inspired digs is a king bed for ultimate relaxation.

Unfortunately, this ‘80s-inspired room doesn’t have 21st century TV, so guests were encouraged to bring along their laptop or tablet if they wanted to binge the show during their stay.

Each stay in the Stranger Things Suite included the Upside-Down Experience Package, which featured a Polaroid camera to be used throughout the trip, bikes to explore the city of Bloomington, two tickets to Bloomington’s WonderLab Science Museum, and Hopper’s Triple Decker Extravaganza- a triple-layer Eggo waffle tower with layers of whipped cream, chocolate, jellybeans, and candy corn.

To make each stay even more worth every penny, 11% of the proceeds from each booking were donated to the WonderLab Science Museum.

Guests not staying in the suite had the opportunity to get special STANGER THINGS-inspired treats too. For a limited time, the Poindexter, the hotel’s restaurant, offered a few special STRANGER THINGS menu items- the Upside-Down Burger, the Scoops Ahoy Sundae, and the Demogorgon Smoothie.

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