SPEED RACER and B-K Motorsports


Warner Bros. Pictures teamed up with B-K Motorsports and Yokohama Tires for the theatrical release of SPEED RACER. The film’s actors Matthew Fox, Emile Hirsch, John Goodman, Christina Ricci and Susan Sarandon stopped by the Yokohama paddock at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix for photo session with drivers Gerardo Bonilla and Ben Devlin and the Yokohama- and BP- sponsored Mazda LMP2 race car. Yokohama Tire also promoted its relationship with Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming live-action family film. Yokohama's ADVAN® tires were named the official tire of the movie and Mach 5 race car earlier this year. The LMP2 car featured Speed Racer movie logos as well as the famous letter "M" on the front. Drivers Devlin and Bonilla looked the part, wearing specially-designed suits inspired by the movie. The suits had blue tops and white bottoms and feature Speed Racer logos. The crew also was in Speed Racer-designed shirts. In the ultimate nod to the Mach 5, the LMP2 race car's number

Partnership Opportunity:
SPEED RACER/Theatrical
Warner Bros. Pictures
B-K Motorsports /Automotive
May 2nd Quarter 2008
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