TOWER HEIST and Facebook


Universal Pictures teamed up with Facebook to promote the theatrical release of TOWER HEIST. To build buzz around the movie with the online gamer demographic, Universal and agency, The Branding Farm, designed a Facebook game that let players compete to earn rewards—a total of 1 million in Facebook credits—that they could spend on virtual goods and downloads within the social network. “Heist It Back,” which launched on Oct. 12 and continued until Nov. 4th, let players amass some of those million Facebook credits in three ways. First, they could click on “Heist” buttons hidden on Facebook pages and within ads on the network to unlock hidden “money” in the form of Facebook Credits worth two, five or 10 points that were automatically credited to their Facebook account. A counter keeps track of the total credits already claimed (281,000 at press time), and a leader board lists the top ten “Heist” hunters. The scavenger hunt started with the pages created for the movie characters; clues to the location of other buttons were offered up on a predetermined schedule. Players could also earn credits by getting their friends to join in the game, or by sharing their own real-life stories of “sticking it to the man” on the “Heist It Back” page. The “Heist It Back” promotion was supported with online advertising, on-air spots and some in-theater marketing.

Partnership Opportunity:
TOWER HEIST/Theatrical
Universal Pictures
Facebook /Online
November 4th Quarter 2011
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