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The American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb is a celebratory, stair-climbing adventure that encourages participants to climb the stairs of our country’s most iconic venues in support of healthy lungs and clean air. 

More than 37.5 million Americans live with a chronic lung disease like asthma, COPD or lung cancer, and 137 million Americans live in counties with unhealthy air. 

Tens of thousands of participants came together at 42 Fight For Air Climb events across the country last year to raise more than $8 million for lifesaving lung health research, patient education and public policy efforts. 

Why We Climb 

  • We embrace a challenge that makes us better 

  • Because healthy lungs need clean air to breathe 

  • Every step gets us closer to a world without lung disease 

Benefits of Stair-Climbing 

  • Improves balance and coordination 

  • Strengthens more major muscle groups compared to walking, running or jogging on a flat surface 

  • Consistent stair-climbing as a daily activity helps lower mortality risk 


  • Become a corporate sponsor  

  • Join us as a National Corporate Team and support multiple teams across the country for one or more American Lung Association signature events 

National Corporate Team  

The American Lung Association National Corporate Team program gives companies the opportunity to field multiple teams across the country for one or more of our events and receive greater benefits for their enhanced commitment. To be recognized as a National Corporate Team, a company must:  

  • Form Fight For Air Climb teams in two or more states 

  • Commit to the fundraising minimum 

How does it benefit your company? 

  • Increased employee engagement 

  • Align with employee health and wellness program 

  • Marketing benefits 

  • Impact on mission 

  • Meaningful celebration  

Each of our National Corporate Team will receive: 

  • Customized virtual team kick-off event(s) 

  • Teambuilding and fundraising resources  

  • Opportunity for company employees to serve on event committees  

  • Opportunity for company employees to volunteer at local events 

  • Regular progress updates highlighting employee engagement and fundraising progress 

  • Customized event landing page for your company’s team. This includes a platform for building and tracking your company’s participation and fundraising progress. *Only available to Elite & Champion teams 

  • Designated American Lung Association Account Manager 

For more information, interest or questions please contact: Caitlin Fink 

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