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The Jel Sert company was named for its original product, a gelatin dessert mix named by combining the words “jelly” and “dessert”. In 1929, Jel Sert created a powdered drink mix called Flavor Aid. These remained Jel Sert’s flagship products until the 1960s when the company acquired the Pop-Ice company and its line of frozen ice pop desserts. Later that decade, Jel Sert introduced Fla-Vor-Ice, another freezer pop, to complement its Flavor-Aid line. Fla-Vor-Ice quickly became the leading freezer pop brand in the United States.

In 1991, the company launched the MONDO line of juice drinks and with it a promotional tactic involving the recycleability of their plastic container over conventional individual boxed juice containers.

Otter Pops were acquired by the company in 1996. Similar to Jel Sert’s other freezer pops, the Otter Pop brand is perhaps the strongest on the United States’ West Coast and features flavor-based characters such as Lil’ Orphan Orange, Sir Isaac Lime, and Strawberry Short Kook. In 1999 it signed a promotional deal with General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios to promote its freezer bars.

In 2000, Jel Sert acquired three other trademarks: Wyler’s, a brand of powdered beverage mixes, and the Royal and My-T-Fine brands of puddings, pie fillings, and flan. In 2001 it bought Nabisco’s gelatin, pudding and baking powder businesses, including Royal Brand gelatin, one of the main competitors of Kraft Foods’ Jell-O.

On July 9, 2012, Jel Sert acquired Super C, Pure Kick and Zoic from Solis Brands.


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